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Thank you to all participants for making our conference a huge success!!

Say Hello to the HeartQuest Professional (HQP) and the HQ2 Home/Remote!

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Purchase HQP - $3850.00
+ Tax and Shipping

For International orders, please call or email.
415 646 6112

The HQP and HQ2 are the most advanced heartrate variability systems available today.  Rich information is displayed in an easy to see and pleasing manner and will enable the practitioner to discover why their patients/clients may not be responding to their treatments.

In addition, it gives the practitioner remote capabilities to track their patients from a distance.  The patient/client has their own HQ2 at home and can easily test themselves when the healthcare professional would like to see their results.  The data is instantly available to the practitioner on their computer for further review!  

This revolutionary system is affordable, accurate and user friendly!  We have extensive education available on this site to enhance the understanding of the results and also help the practitioner determine a course of treatment for their patient/client.

The importance of good heartrate variabilty and autonomic nervous system balance are well known throughout traditional medical literature.  

This tool is a valuable part of the healthcare professional's arsenal!

We believe in empowering each person and we think having effective tools to assist on a true healing journey are the key.

 On this website are some of the latest technologies we've discovered and used that we have found to get to the very essence of healing! They've been shown to improve results on Heart Rate Variability too.

Scroll down on this page to learn more about each product. 

You can always contact us for more details or to answer any questions.

HeartQuest Global Team:  Dr. Michael Kessler, D.C., co-Founder; Dr. Javdat Karimov, NMD, co-Founder, Developer; Dr. Sondra Becchetti, D.C., co-Founder, Corporate Coordinator; Gabriel Theron, co-Founder, Marketing Specialist; Ruan de Necker, co-Founder, Software Engineer
AngioScan Vascular Assessment Tool

ON SALE NOW! while supplies last

Regularly $1500, now $600!

Vagal Nerve Stimulation


Crystal Fusion Technology

Intensity MicroCombo.png

The most profound changes in health need to come from a balanced nervous system.

An incredible amount of information is now available on the benefits of stimulating/healing the Vagus Nerve and it's endless ways to improve our body and brain health.  

We found this device to be highly effective and very affordable. 

Everyone should have one of these devices!


All in an affordable, effective device.
Gemstones are interchangeable for different effects. 

Click on the button below to learn more or to purchase the SolaraGem Crystal Fusion Light! 
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You'll be directed to a new window for  SolaraGem information.

SolaraGem provides a fusion of elements that have been used in health and wellness for thousands of years. The result is a combination where the "whole is greater than the sum of the parts." No claims as to the fitness or efficacy for any medical condition are made. Please consult references and guides and research on the individual elements of light, gemstones, and colors to learn more.

SolaraGem falls in the category of "subtle" energy.  Low levels of light are used, and strobing is optional. Strobing can affect those with seizure related disorders. It's non-contacting, and doesn't require any touching of another person, so no special licensing is necessary to use it. 

Healthy Wave Mat

Healthy Wave Mat
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Affordable and effective for better health on many levels!

Just some of the benefits of the Healthy Wave Mat:

  • Regenerate & rejuvenate cells

  • Reduce pain

  • Improve blood & lymphatic flow

  • Reduce stress and fatigue

  • Improve sleep

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Balances brain function
  • Promotes healing
healthy wave mat 2.png
Far Infrared
PEMF (pulsed magnetic)
Crystal Therapy
Negative Ion Therapy
Photon Therapy


Get 10% off by using code HQ10
Contact Info:


Tel.#: 415 646 6112

Skype:  dr.mkessler

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