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Our conference was a huge success!

Thank you to all of our wonderful speakers, exhibitors and attendees.


After the conference we took our partners from South Africa and our partner from Oregon for a day in Sedona!

Scroll down for list of the speakers and exhibitors from the conference on Nov. 12-13, 2022

We designed a unique conference for health professionals!

They received education on the latest ways to improve health that are  unique and foundational to any other program. In addition to a fantastic group of speakers, they had plenty of time to experience their expertise and interactive with their technology or products. Nobody was  rushed through short breaks and never ending talks!
Speakers and Exhibitors from the Conference

Bob Miller, ND - Functional Genomic Analysis

Mark Tommerdahl, Ph.D. - Brain Gauge

Michael Kessler, D.C. - HeartQuest Professional

Evan Mladenoff, D.C. - Brain Trauma-Concussionology

Ami Brannon, RN, CCRN-CEO, Co-Founder, Neuvana

Virginia Von Schaeffer, Ph.D. - Perfect Balance - Salicinium

Karl Maret, MD., Ph.D. - BioResource -Drainage Remedies

Mike Broadwell - SolaraGem - Crystal light therapy

Robert Slovak, Ph.D.- Water and Wellness

Steve Kaplan, NMD - GlycoCheck -Function of the microvascular system

Gabriel Theron - CEO and Founder - Cilocybin 

Mike Kessler, D.C., - Emcee; HeartQuest Pro - HRV and
tying it all together

Javdat Karimov, NMD - Co-Founder/developer of HeartQuest Pro

Jennifer Miele & Andreanna Rainville, RN - NUBE Health, Inc. and Weber Laser Systems -Photobiomodulation

Mike and Liz Fessler - Herbalix Restoratives, OligoScan Heavy Metal/Mineral Testing

Gordon Ens, MT, Lab Director and Partner - Inflammatory Markers Lab

Quicksilver Scientific Labs

Master Supplements, Inc./U.S. Enzymes

Cat Redinbo & Nicole Sadowski - 123hbot Hyperbaric Oxygen Systems

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