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Why you need the Brain Gauge

Brain related issues are fast becoming a health crisis.  Early detection and support are critical!

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Brain Gauge Pro

$2999.00 + Tax & Shipping


  • Unlimited subjects

  • Unlimited tests

  • Outpatient score monitoring

  • Custom testing sessions

  • Powerful data analytics with ProTools

With the Brain Gauge, we now have the ability to test and track brain function. We will be able to evaluate our therapies to see which ones affect different aspects of brain function.

In the premier education package that we are offering, we will explore findings from genetic testing, various lab tests, the influence of the gut microbiome on the brain, various entrainment techniques and more and how they influence the brain.

We have nutraceuticals from many different sources that we recommend.  These products are based on good scientific research showing a positive effect on brain and nervous system function. We will share and expand this information as we continue our research in this area.

The information we provide will be clinically relevant for you and your patients.

The videos shown in this section will explore the scientific parameters that determine healthy brain function such as.  Some of the areas we will address include:

  • The latest research on cell membrane health and how to achieve it—This will be vital for you to know and is entirely different from current knowledge for many of you.

  • Circulation and how it affects the brain and nervous system.  Ways to evaluate and improve circulation.

  • Heavy metals and other toxins and their effects on the brain and how to evaluate and ultimately eliminate the toxins.

  • Blood sugar issues and its effect on the brain and nervous system.

  • And More to Come!

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Remote Testing Capability!

Treating a patient that has their own Brain Gauge? Request scores from the tests they take at home with the click of a button. Send notes about treatments or upcoming appointments, and keep up with your patients' brain health from anywhere, anytime.

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Brain Gauge Home
for Remote Testing


 + Tax and Shipping

Limited to 5 Users

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