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✔ Unconditional love
✔ Strong connections
✔ Feeling appreciated
✔ Content and fulfilled
✔ Letting go of expectations
✔ Healthy emotional attachment
Sō-4 incorporates a blend of flower, mineral, and quartz essences to help you overcome inner dissatisfaction and cultivate emotional fulfillment and well-being.  Description
Unconditional Love to Nurture Empowered Fulfilment
Sō-4 supports the process of nurturing and loving yourself unconditionally, opening up the opportunity for others to do the same. You don’t have to give so much to be loved or hold on so tightly anymore. It can be incredibly empowering to love openly and freely without expecting anything (or others expecting anything) in return. This allows relationships to be in harmony and leads to feelings of greater contentment and fulfillment, leaving you with a sense of being appreciated, cared for, needed, and loved. By experiencing strong emotional connections, you will no longer need to search for what makes you happy and joyful.
For Those Who Struggle With:
Not feeling needed or loved by others.
Looking for external sources of fulfillment and gratification.
A tendency to be easily hurt, easily offended, or feel rejected.
Feeling like no one appreciates you, especially after all you do for others.
Experience profound feelings of irritation, discontentment, and unhappiness.
A tendency to worry about others, be overly concerned, and feel overprotective.
Fear that if you don’t hold on tight enough, you could lose everything and everyone you love.
A tendency to give more than you receive, hoping others care for you just as much as you care for them.
Others may find you to be needy and dependant, overprotective, overbearing, stifling, smothering, possessive, demanding, nagging, critical, manipulative, enabling, or emotionally controlling.
Having a deep underlying sense that something is missing and despite searching, you can’t quite put your finger on what you are looking for. Instead, you keep reaching for things (food, drugs or alcohol, overachieving, etc.) that make you feel good and fill the emotional void.
Cichorium intybus (chicory) flower extract, Ferrous gluconate, Copper gluconate, Sus, Mixed organic alcohol (50%), Quartz structured water
1-5 spray(s), one to two times daily

Sō-4 50 ml

SKU: 56421
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