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✔ Unmask worries
✔ Express real feelings
✔ Relax within yourself
✔ Align inner and outer worlds
✔ Comfortable feeling emotions
Sā-2 combines a blend of flower, mineral, and quartz essences to help you uncover your genuine emotions and achieve inner calm and balance. Description
Alignment of Inner and Outer Expression
Sā-2 allows you to open up and show your true and authentic self to the world. It can be exhausting to pretend all is fine. You no longer need to put on a brave face and present how you want to be seen. As you align the inner and outer expression of your real feelings, it will feel safer and less vulnerable to let others see the real you and talk about your worries rather than hide them. This increases in your strength, boundaries, and stress resilience making it easier to relax and manage stress levels. With your inner and outer worlds merging, you learn that it is okay to pull off the mask, feel your emotions, and express how you are truly feeling.
For Those Who Struggle With:
Using humour or cheerfulness to hide your inner troubles.
A tendency to avoid dealing with confrontation and conflict.
Feeling uncomfortable to show or express how you really feel.
Feeling oversensitive and potentially taking things personally or the wrong way.
Feeling stressed, worried, anxious, exhausted, overtaxed, overworked, and burnt out.
Dislike being alone or without something to do, as distractions keep your mind off your troubles.
A tendency to downplay how you are truly feeling or pretend all is well, when in fact it isn’t that way at all.
Put on a ‘mask’ or ‘brave’ face to hide anxiety, worries, mental chatter, troubles, hurt and pain, illness, apprehension, and unhappiness.
Doing whatever it takes to avoid inner turmoil, feeling vulnerable, uncertainty, repressed negative experiences, a painful reality, or a restless worried mind.
Essence of: Agrimonia eupatoria (agrimony), flower extract, Sus, Mixed organic alcohol (50%), Quartz structured water
1-5 spray(s), one to two times daily

Sā-2 50 ml

SKU: 56416
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