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✔ Trust your capabilities.
✔ Build healthy boundaries.
✔ Maintain a calm perspective.
✔ Manage responsibilities with ease.
✔ Handle demanding and stressful days.
Rū-3 contains a blend of flower and quartz essences to help you handle hectic and overwhelming times with ease. Description
Handle Hectic and Overwhelming Times with Ease
Rū-3 helps you stay focused on the present and keep things in perspective, allowing you to calmly manage all that life hands you. You are very capable of managing difficult and large-scale work loads without feeling overwhelmed. Learning to maintain stronger boundaries will make it easier to discern the limit of what you can handle without taking on too much. The awareness of your personal capacity allows you to know how to successfully handle all your responsibilities.
For Those Who Struggle With:
A tendency to take on too much.
Feeling like ‘I can’t handle this, it’s just too much’.
Feeling anxious, life is a struggle, and not being able to cope.
Feeling unsure if you can handle the challenges life throws at you.
When overwhelmed, you can feel stuck and unable to make any changes.
Feeling overwhelmed due to all your responsibilities from work, family, and home life.
When it becomes too much, it’s hard to concentrate and you end up worn out and exhausted.
It is easier to abandon or delay things rather than try to do everything, leading to feelings of inadequacy.
While capable and successful, it can be stressful when others depend on you (job responsibilities, parent or caretaker, sole income earner)
“You can anything, but not everything” David Allen
Essence of: Ulmus americana (elm) flower extract, Sus, Mixed organic alcohol (50%), Quartz structured water
1-5 spray(s), one to two times daily

Rū-3 50 ml

SKU: 56413
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