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Engaged in Life
✔ Sense of purpose
✔ Embrace and engage in life
✔ Content with living day-to-day
Rū-2 contains a blend of flower, mineral, and quartz essences to help you reawaken your spark for life. Description
Awaken Your Enthusiasm for Life
Rū-2 helps you discover your passion for life, allowing you to feel content and happy while taking an active interest in those and world around you. It will be easier to embrace change and engage in what life has to offer, rather than just accept what is offered. This is the opportunity to renew your sense of purpose and explore your potential, so that you can live your life to the fullest.
For Those Who Struggle With:
Finding it easier to surrender to the struggles of life.
Finding you drift along and accept what is in store for you.
Becoming resigned, accept what life throws at you, and learn to live with it.
Feeling emotionally flat and a lack of joy, with an indifference towards doing things.
A tendency towards being passive, not complaining, and accepting things as they are.
Finding you can become easily distracted and it is difficult to concentrate and focus on tasks.
Feeling you are weak and lack the energy, motivation, ambition, or enthusiasm to make any changes.
When things get stressful or it feels like too much effort, it is easier pass up on the opportunity or to completely withdraw and avoid things.
Essence of: Rosa canina (wild rose) flower extract, Calcium phosphate, Copper gluconate, Sus, Mixed organic alcohol (50%), Quartz structured water
1-5 spray(s), one to two times daily

Rū-2 50 ml

SKU: 56412
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