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Trust in yourself
✔ Inner wisdom
✔ Trust in yourself
✔ Emotional intelligence
✔ Capable decision making
✔ Confidence in your judgement
Hă-1 combines a blend of flower, mineral, and quartz essences to help you develop trust and relieve mental strain and pressure. Description
Confidently Trust in Your Decisions
Hă-1 helps you find confidence in yourself to make decisions that you feel good about. Gathering ideas and opinions will help clarify your thoughts. You will experience less doubt and uncertainty, with the result of you being confident when needing to make up your mind about something. By building trust in yourself, your intuition, your emotional intelligence, and your inner wisdom you can be sure that you are always making wise choices.
For Those Who Struggle With:
Lacking the confidence in yourself to make decisions.
Experience feeling of doubt, uncertainty, hesitation, or indecisiveness.
Feelings of uncertainty can lead to putting off or not carrying through on tasks.
Feeling exhausted, mentally overloaded, and having a hard time concentrating.
A tendency to over-think and over-analyze everything, especially when making an emotional decision.
Feeling unsure and end up deciding on something that you know in your heart is not what you want.
Self doubt creeping in after you have already made up your mind and questioning if you made the right decision.
Preferring advice from others when trying to decide what to do or re-assurance about a decision you made.
Ceratostigma willottianum (cerato) flower extract, Eschscholtzia californica (california poppy) extract, Graphite oxide, Sus, Mixed organic alcohol (50%), Quartz structured water
1-5 spray(s), one to two times daily

Hă-1 50 ml

SKU: 56422
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